‘”What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever said,” asked the boy.

“Help,” said the horse.’

– Charlie Mackesy

Goldcrest Therapy & Coaching

I offer a professional, ethical and caring therapeutic service, to help individuals who wish to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Sometimes we know what is bothering us, or what changes we wish to make in our lives. Other times, we can feel unhappy, unfulfilled, anxious or lost. We might not know how we feel other than we don’t feel ‘ok’. These feelings do not have to define us, or the way we live.


Goldcrest therapy

I do not believe that any of us are inherently broken, so my role is not to fix people or problems.

My role as a therapist and coach is to help individuals to fully explore, understand and reconfigure themselves wherever they feel it necessary – our thoughts and feelings about the world, and our place in it, can affect us in ways we sometimes cannot realise.

I offer both a counselling and coaching service, although personally feel that these roles can overlap. In a counselling approach, I will sit with you while we look at your current feelings and situation, identify any difficulties or areas in which you feel ‘stuck’, and find ways to explore, understand and ‘make peace’ with the past in order that your current self may heal.

Coaching takes a more ‘forward-facing’ approach – together we will explore and identify what you might wish for in your future, be it a new career, the ability to form and maintain more healthy relationships, or to introduce and maintain a healthier lifestyle in general.

My modality of working ensures that you, as my client, are kept central to the work at all times – I will not tell you what to do or how to be, as collaboration is key to my practice. Your choices, preferences and safety are of paramount importance.

About me

Hello! My name is Kirsten and I run Goldcrest Therapy & Coaching. Counselling has been a part of my life for the past 10 years, and I consider my role as a therapist to be a vocation rather than simply a job – I aim to build a relationship with each of my clients, for as short or as long a time as they wish to work with me.

Why the Goldcrest?

The goldcrest is a tiny garden bird – smallest in the UK – and is most recognisable by a flash of yellow on its head. I was inspired to choose the goldcrest to represent what I do not only because it embodies an easy weightlessness of being, but also because the size of the bird does not lessen its place in the world. It is as valid and as important within the ecosystem as any other being, and if you have ever found a bird perhaps fallen from its nest you better appreciate its preciousness. Though they seem small, within the universe they have a place to belong.

Kirsten Lyall, Goldcrest Therapy & Coaching


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Additional information


Each session lasts 1 hour. Sessions can be remote (£50.00) or in-person (£60.00).

Memberships & Qualifications

  • Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • MSc Counselling
  • Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction)
  • I hold public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
Goldcrest therapy

From our very first session, Kirsten was very patient and made me comfortable which instantly put me at ease. Her easy-going and caring nature makes it very easy to approach any subject I feel is bothering me. Having someone to speak to who was keen to listen and showed no judgement made a world of difference to me.
Kirsten has helped to build up my confidence and helped me to accept and understand my feelings rather than bottling them up. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to see that I have a positive future ahead of me.’


Former client